Existing patients,
click the link below to sign up and create your TELEMEDICINE account.

Never Miss an Appointment Again!

Dr. Parker and Parker Medical Weight Loss now offers appointments via our Telemedicine platform. These virtual visits will be for primary care and/or weight loss patients. While these visits are not meant to completely replace in-person office appointments, they will enable us to see you when you might have otherwise missed an appointment.

If you are experiencing severe symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath, please go to the Emergency Department.

Remember… Our providers are on the other side of the screen interacting with patients much like an in-person office visit. This means if Dr. Parker is finishing up with a patient at 12:15, and your appointment is at 12:15, it may take a minute for him to get to your appointment. We will strive to get as close as possible to your appointment time as possible.

Telemedicine appointment Help Guides